Wednesday, October 8, 2008

African Language Locales: Call for Volunteers

ANLoc, the African Network for Localization, has started an initiative
to build locales for over 100 African languages. The project is now
ready to line up volunteers and get to work!

The main requirements for a volunteer are:

1) literate in the target language
2) comfortable using computers
3) can volunteer about 1 or 2 hours
4) finishes what they start

If you are willing and able to help - or if you know anyone who might be, or can contact any networks that might include potential volunteers - please look through these lists of languages. Contact if you can work on any language that does not yet have a volunteer:

* West Africa
* Nigeria
* Central Africa
* Tanzania and Indian Ocean
* Great Lakes and Kenya
* Horn of Africa
* Southern Africa

(Note that we do NOT need volunteers for South Africa, because those
languages already have good locales.)

You can also help by letting your colleagues from other African language
communities know about the project.

We want to build all of these locales in a few months, so please let me
know quickly if you can help out!

For more details about the project, please view this presentation: