Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 African Language Locales

ANLoc, the African Network for Localization, is undertaking a project to create Locales for 100 African languages. The following presentation provides an introduction to the initiative:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

¿Hablas español?

According to Alexa, Spanish is the second language for Wikipedia considering the amount of traffic it generates. There must be MANY people who use the Spanish Wikipedia. When you look at Betawiki, there are 20 people who indicated there wish to help with the localisation of Spanish.

¿Hablas español?

We are looking for people who speak Spanish, who are willing and able to help us with the localisation of MediaWiki into Spanish. Not only the WMF extensions (41.29% ) but also the MediaWiki core messages (91.84%) are in need of attention..

When Spanish is not your "language", you may want to check out how your language is doing..

Semantic Search Engine of African Languages

Here is a thoughtful article about the Kamusi Project from Appfrica:

The article talks in part about the blog widget we've been developing with one of our Code Africa volunteers, which people can insert in blogs and web pages to perform Kamusi lookups on their sites. The widget is not quite finished, but we put together the following brief presentation for a Barcamp event recently in Nairobi: